The Requirement

This Company operates its ATR-42 and ATR-72 twin turboprop aircraft primarily in northern Manitoba and the Kivalliq region of Nunavut. Offering scheduled, chartered, and freight services to many remote communities from their main northern Manitoba base. This operator wanted to add capabilities to improve operational efficiencies.

Why the Operator Selected MC2

Mid-Canada Mod Center’s (MC2) team of avionics experts understands the demands of aircraft flying in remote areas, and the constant requirement to improve operations. A top tier Universal Avionics Dealer, MC2 has extensive experience improving the operational capabilities of older aircraft.

Main Benefit

The key benefit to this operator includes the ability to use the growing number of RNAV (GNSS) LPV approached in the north. Removing the need to work around legacy system database limitations means critical operational efficiencies, gained from fewer flight delays and missed approaches for improved dispatch reliability.

About the Mods

Another unique mod undertaken by MC2, this one also involved installation on the training facility’s flight simulator, for advanced training capabilities. The upgrades to the ATR-42 simulator, bring them up-to-date with ATR-42/72 aircraft previously upgraded. Key mods included:

MC2 helps owners realize additional and extended value in their current airframes, offering extended, significant life, operational safety and efficiency to this operator and all ATR operators.

Great Results

The resulting upgrades and modernization gave this operator an integrated 4-inch flat-panel display, offering better flight planning and management capabilities, more effective landing approaches, and modern messaging capabilities. In addition, the aircraft fleet are ADSB-out ready.

What the Operator Says

“We relied on MC2’s experience, not only in regards to avionics, but their understanding of remote charter and cargo operations. Unifying the FMS across our fleet of ATR-42 and 72 aircraft offers many advantages. FMS commonality across our fleet provides ease of use, offering efficiency and safety in the cockpit. This helps us improve our overall operational performance, and get extra life from our aircraft.”

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