The Requirement

This Dash 8 operator flies out of the Canadian North, with commercial passenger and cargo onboard. The operator wanted to modernize the cockpit for reliability and safety reasons.

Why the Operator Selected MC2

We are Canada’s aging aircraft specialist, particularly with those flying in Canada’s northern most regions where conditions can be extra challenging. A longtime client of Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2), this operator rusts us to understand the mission, and deliver a solution at a fair price.

Main Benefit

The new Esterline Avionics Systems’ CMA-6800 Liquid Crystal Display is six to 10 times more reliable than aging CRT (cathode ray tube) displays, reducing downtime, lowering operating costs and extending the life of the Dash 8’s cockpit.

About the Mods

This mod was a fairly straightforward update, which reduced this commercial operator’s down time significantly. The mod included:

Great Results

The resulting upgrade this commercial and air cargo operator new, more reliable displays, which also offers operational relief to the Dash-8’s minimum equipment list (MEL).

What the Operator Says

“Swapping out our old CRTs gives us the latest in technology, which helped us address our maintenance and obsolescence concerns, while at the same time being fairly straightforward. We’re long-time clients of MC2 because they genuinely understand and respect the challenges that flying in the North presents.”

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