Cessna Encore Upgrade to radios, RVSM, FMS and panels.

Mid Canada Mod Center


Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA – The Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) operates two research aircraft to test new technology and procedures. One of these aircraft is a Cessna Citation II that is owned and operated jointly with the Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. This Citation has been extensively modified by NLR and Delft University of Technology to serve as a versatile airborne research platform and flight/airspace inspection platform. The flight envelope of the Citation II allows a wide range of operations to be performed. The cabin can accommodate a maximum of eight observers in addition to the two pilot cockpit crew.

NLR recently engaged Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) to perform an extensive cockpit and flight systems upgrade to the aircraft. The project involved use of the same  parameters that MC2 developed in an STC for the fleet of Transport Canada Citation II fleet in 2006. It is based around the Collins ProLine 21 big-screen EFIS and Avionics Systems, Airborne Collision Avoidance Systems and Terrain Awareness Warning Systems.

The work was performed at MC2’s YYZ facility and was completed in the second week of November 2011 when the aircraft was officially handed back to its owners. As this aircraft operates in EU airspace, a new STC had to be included as part of the installation and associated paper work.

In speaking about the project, Bill Arsenault, Vice President of MC2 said – The development of this particular mod was considered by some as unique and perhaps a one-off when our team first envisioned it 5 years ago for Transport Canada and their fleet. When we engineer a mod we do so with the big picture in mind – not just the project in hand. Our team has always applied their expertise to mods equally for both newer and older airframes – focusing on delivering improved safety and reliability with performance enhancements that also offer improved cockpit resource management attributes. The applicability of this mod to this and similar aircraft stands the test of time. With the global economy still uncertain and driving more to consider extending the life of their older airframe, mods like this are finding their mark. We are very pleased to have  worked with NLR in bringing a new chapter to the life of an aircraft they value and rely on.”

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