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CMA-9000 FMS installations on AIRBUS A310

Mississauga, Ontario, CANADA Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2), working in co-operation with Esterline CMC Electronics (CMC), are pleased to announce a new and significant FMS (Flight Management System) upgrade for the Airbus A310 aircraft fleet. Joint development of this project has been several years in the making and has resulted in a STC modification that brings a much needed life extension to this “legacy” Airbus aircraft model.

The mod involves replacement of the dated, no longer supported avionics with an upgrade that is based around the Esterline CMC Electronics CMA-9000 FMS. This STC includes a suite of dual FMS and dual SBAS capable systems with GPS sensors. FMS components include two CMC  CMA-9000 FMS and two CMC CMA-5024 SBAS GPS Sensors with Antennas.

With the number of A310 aircraft still in active and productive global use, this mod has the potential to bring operational efficiency and safety as well as in meeting the latest in standards and regulations to a number of aircraft with many productive years ahead of them.

Project Highlights . . .

The basic suite of avionics installed on most A310s dates back to their original manufacture in the 1980’s. The replacement solution developed between MC2 and CMC involves an extensive update to the FMS software by Esterline CMC Electronics. The new interface includes a full functionality for Vertical Navigation guidance and control. Furthermore, a larger Navigation database accommodates the continued growth of navigation data such as airports and airways. CMC were recently awarded a Canadian TSO for their most recent software version developed for the A310 aircraft.

The next phases of the program will include STCs for Polar Navigation capabilities and the installation of a FANS solution for the A310 fleet.  These final two phases should be completed in 2014.

Polar Navigation will replace the existing dated and no longer supported Inertial Reference Sensors. The new generation units provide the aircraft with the capability to fly into areas of magnetic unreliability typically found north of latitudes 70N and south of 60S. Existing limitations related to autoland are also lifted with this solution.

The FANS portion of the project will equip the aircraft to fly FANS routes. This will be achieved by installing and certifying CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communications) equipment and interfacing the equipment to the newly installed FMS (Flight Management System).

The STC Approval for this project work was completed by Avionics Design Services of Midland Ontario.

Speaking About this mod . . .

In speaking about this mod, Bill Arsenault - VP of MC2 states - “We agreed with our client that this modification presented great value to the fleet of A310 aircraft as a whole and that working together, we could develop a solution. We are delighted to have achieved such a major milestone for them. Through a substantial team effort, using the dedicated resources and expertise of both CMC and MC2, we developed a mod that provides a great solution for the aging aircraft. Challenges such as this are a real opportunity to bring manufacturers and service/development specialists like us to collaborate and bring value to the aftermarket.”

Jim Palmer – Vice President, Aviation Products, Esterline CMC Electronics, also states – “This certification ushers in a new generation of airline Flight Management System retrofits that bring operational efficiency and safety to aircraft with many productive years ahead of them.”

About MC2 . . .

MC2 has been in business since 1996 (AMO #59-97). Their primary focus is providing industry leading avionics expertise to the corporate and 2nd tier commercial aviation markets. MC2 specialties include ADS-B, FANS, WAAS FMS with LPV, cabin entertainment and communication systems including the latest in Satcom, Wi-Fi applications and cockpit redesign/modernization. They are also experts in SATCOM, TCAS, EGPWS, TAWS, RVSM and EFB applications.

Located in the North End Business Aviation area of Lester B Pearson International Airport (LBPIA) - CYYZ, the MC2 facilities are easily accessed by air or road, fully secure and central to many other related aviation support providers. They also provide 24/7 AOG service. 

About CMC Electronics . . .

Esterline CMC Electronics (www.cmcelectronics.ca) has achieved an international reputation for innovation and excellence in the design and manufacture of electronics products for the aviation market.  CMC’s focus is on delivering innovative cockpit systems integration and avionics solutions to its customers worldwide.  Its principal locations are in Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario; and Chicago, Illinois.  CMC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Esterline Corporation (NYSE:ESL, www.esterline.com), a specialized aerospace and defense company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, that employs over 12,000 people worldwide.                                   

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For more information or discussion please feel welcome to contact Bill Arsenault at Mid-Canada Mod Center. By telephone at (905) 673-9918 or email at bill@midcanadamod.com.