Hawker 700 Cockpit update including EFIS, FMS, TAWS, AHRS, TCAS and more.

Mid Canada Mod Center


In case you missed it - from AIN today - All aircraft operating in the North Atlantic organized track system between FL350 and FL390 must now be equipped with Fans 1A or its equivalent, controller pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) and automatic dependent surveillance contract (ADS-C), as Phase 2A of the North Atlantic datalink mandate took effect last week.

The mandate is part of an initiative created to help cope with the ever-increasing volume of air traffic, while enhancing communication, surveillance and ATC-intervention capabilities across portions of North Atlantic.

Phase 2B, which begins Dec. 7, 2017, will apply to the same altitudes as 2A but will cover the entire ICAO North Atlantic region. When Phase 2C takes effect on Jan. 30, 2020, it will include earlier phase requirements but add all altitudes above FL290. Exceptions to the Phase 2 equipment requirements include areas of existing radar coverage, the New York Oceanic flight information region and the airspace north of 80 degrees north latitude.

If you need to talk about this requirement please contact Bill Arsenault at MC2.