Cessna Encore Upgrade to radios, RVSM, FMS and panels.

Mid Canada Mod Center



Cabin Systems that include high-speed data, broadband and entertainment systemsFlat is the New Black and High Speed supports Office in the Sky!

We have been pioneers in many industry first designs, installations and certifications. It is a big part of what we do. Satcoms, RVSM, AHRS, TAWS and TCAS – all areas in which we are segment leaders for numbers of systems installed and STCs issued. Today the biggest demand on our talents involves flat panel cockpit mods and cabin systems that include high-speed data, broadband and entertainment systems.

Cockpit upgrades allow the introduction of newer technologies and navigation aids – all of which enhance cockpit resource management and can bring better and improved operational efficiencies. EFBs and WAAS FMS with LPV are among the top add-ons to these mods today.

Bring us your challenge and we will find you a solution to an agreed budget.


Avionics Sales, Service & Repair

Avionics sales, service, repair Our clients come to us from all across Canada, the US and also as far away as Europe and the South Pacific.

Continued growth, success and experience have meant that we have been awarded “preferred supplier” standing with most leading and key avionics industry OEM and aftermarket providers. Working together with these firms, MC2 provides exceptional support and development capabilities to our clients – especially in the area of “industry first” work.

System testing and repairs along with bench work is how we began.  We continue in that spirit and focus today by providing industry leading diagnostic and troubleshooting support including full 24/7 AOG service.

Bring us your challenges and we’ll get you back in flight ready status.