Dash 8 upgrade including Dual WAAS FMS with LPV Approaches.

Mid Canada Mod Center


If you fly into or out of the Caribbean or Mexico, this information is for you. 406 ELTs will be required for flight operations in the Bahamas by February 1 of 2013. And Mexico will require this mod by June 1, 2013. Civil Aviation authorities in the Dominican Republic and The Caymans Islands have obtained a waiver from the 406 ELT requirement. The Dominican Republic waiver is indefinite, however the Cayman Islands waiver is only valid through December 1, 2013. It may or may not be extended after that. If you operate in the regions noted, in order to be legal, you must install a 406 ELT. Mid-Canada Mod Center will be pleased to help you update and meet this requirement. Just give us a call or drop us a note.
Download this document in PDF format here.