Hawker 700 Cockpit update including EFIS, FMS, TAWS, AHRS, TCAS and more.



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King Air 350 Cockpit upgrade

Bill Arsenault, President of Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) is pleased to announce the completion of yet another company first.The subject aircraft is a King Air 350 that is used for business aviation purposes. Among the many benefits for the operator from this mod, the aircraft is now able to work comfortably into Northern Domestic Airspace.About this mod: As with all MC2 mods of this nature, safety first and efficiency second were the focus of this upgrade. The project went from concept – through design, specification and sales of the new components – to finish with installation and certification.The heart and soul of this mod is the Universal EFI-890R (replacing the existing Collins EFIS-85). This proven Advanced Flight Display (AFD) offers flexibility as a stand-alone Primary Flight Display (PFD) or Multi-Function Display (MFD), as well as a fully integrated PFD/Navigation Display (ND) cockpit system. The high-resolution, high-contrast display provides superior readability throughout a full range of ambient lighting conditions including bright sunlight and dim nighttime environments. Extremely wide viewing angles are also accommodated.The EFI-890R replaces ADI, HSI, Radar Indicator, Altimeter, VSI, RMI and Airspeed Indicators with PFD and ND large multi-format displays. The original engine gauges were all retained and incorporated into the new avionics package. This mod also features Dual UNS-1Lw SBAS LPV FMS.Among the many benefits of this system are that it allows FMS Flight Planning, Fuel Management, Data Management, Navigation, Messages and more. Among many other key additions to the new mod was the installation of two Collins AHC-3000A AHRS and AH-2100 Super AHRS (for flight into areas of mag unreliability). The resulting modernization provides a large format, flat panel design and benefits with integrated smart displays.All required ancillary hardware and adapters were included in this MC2 modernization.In speaking about this modification, Bill Arsenault said – When we undertake a modernization and upgrade of this sort we always look to provide and integrated, one-stop solution for our clients. In this case the operator is working from a variety of environments that included access to Northern Airspace. This new cockpit provides all the required operational updates and capabilities including enhanced safety and efficiency.For additional information please contact: Bill Arsenault: Tel: (905) 673-9918      Email: bill@midcanadamod.com

Christmas and New Years 2018

Please note that we will be closing at 12:00 pm on Friday December 21, 2018 and re-open for regular business on Wednesday, January 3, 2019. Also from December 24th to 26th and January 1st our AOG service will be suspended. We will resume 24/7 with this valuable response support on January 2nd. At this time we would like to offer our best wishes to you and yours for a festive and happy celebration of this time of year.